The Environmental Health Services Section of the Vanderburgh County Health Department regulates, investigates and mitigates environmental and public health threats to the land and water of Vanderburgh County. Our aim is to reduce hazards including solid waste, chemical or biological agents, and to maintain and prevent degradation the quality of our land and water. Our Environmental Health Specialists incorporate practices and procedures necessary to ensure that federal, state, and local laws and ordinances concerning environmental quality of Vanderburgh County are met.

Environmental Hazard Investigations

Environmental hazard Investigations are conducted by the Environmental Health Specialists for any condition that could impact the public health or environmental quality of Vanderburgh County.  Such conditions include hazardous material releases, natural or technological disasters, indoor air pollution, water contamination, animals, trash and debris and failed onsite sewage disposal systems.  These investigations can be initiated from reports filed by citizens or other local, state or federal agencies. Citations may be issued and corrective actions are initiated because of these investigations.  Court actions may be a part of this process.  Citizens with any environmental concern should contact the environmental section. Reports may be made anonymously.

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

Environmental lead hazard inspections are carried out whenever the Section is alerted to a diagnosed case (by CDC definition) of a child with an elevated blood lead level, or at a physician’s request.  These inspections find potential sources of lead in the child’s environment and test those sources for lead content. During these investigations the Environmental Health Specialists will use an XRF and take samples of paint, soil, dust and water. Also, upon request, the Department will assist the parent of a lead poisoned child to find lead safe housing by providing testing of a prospective residence.  Concerned adults can find information sources of lead, poisoning prevention, corrective measures or free child blood lead tests by contacting our section, or visiting our lead and healthy homes web pages.

Click for more on the VCHD Lead Poisoning Prevention Program.

School Indoor Air Quality

School indoor air quality is a concern for students, parents, faculty and staff as mold, carbon dioxide and other pollutants can hinder learning and affect health.  The Indiana State Department of Health can help your school by:

  • Providing technical assistance and testing;
  • Consulting with the public regarding their IAQ concerns;
  • Enforcing 410 IAC 33 the “Indoor Air Quality in Schools and State Agencies” rule.

For more information on school indoor air quality call 317-351-7190 or click


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Useful Links and Telephone Numbers:

 Consumer Product Safety Commission – PoolSafely
 Indiana State Department of Health  800-382-9480
 Indiana Department of Environmental Management  812-436-2570
 Indiana Department of Natural Resources  317-232-4002
 Vanderburgh County Emergency Management Agency  812-435-6020
 Region 5 US EPA  800-621-8431
 Nuisance Wildlife Hotline  800-893-4116